Frequently asked questions

What separates Saos Capital Advisors from other advisors?
As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, we strive to provide the best advice for each client’s specific situation and needs without being concerned of the agenda of a parent company and their quotas. We manage our clients’ portfolios with the definition of our namesake at heart: "Preserve, Save, and Defend." Our services range from planning to investment management to estate planning. Each client comes with a name, not just number, and we are focus on providing each client with the service they deserve.
What is the investment minimum?
Saos Capital is not bound by any large corporation and their concerns. We are bound to our clients and their needs. If you are a serious investor, then we would like to speak to you about preserving and growing your investment assets at any stage.
What is your fee model?
We are a fee-based Registered Investment Advisor firm, therefore our compensation comes from assets under management. This helps insure that our clients are put first, not a commission or a sale.
Where will my assets be held?
Our primary custodian is Fidelity Investments, one of the most respected and well-known custodians serving independent financial advisors. By using Fidelity as our custodian, Saos Capital will never have direct access to your money.
Who is your typical client?
Our typical clients are individuals and families who are serious about achieving their financial goals. We have within our Saos Capital family, clients fresh out of college, professionals, small-business owners, retirees at all stages of their investing lifecycle.
What is your investment approach?
We are a conservative firm by nature, believing in patience to achieving financial goals. By having a hands-on approach and getting to know our clients individually, we tailor our investment portfolios to each unique situation.